Wednesday, April 24, 2013

H7N9 is off the mainland; Case reported in Taiwan

A Taiwanese man has been confirmed to have H7N9. The 53 year-old business man had returned from Suzhou, China three days prior to the onset of symptoms on April 9th. He is listed as being in serious condition. Suzhou is about 70 miles from Shanghai, the center of the H7N9 outbreak.
Vector for H7N9
 Since the first confirmed cases was reported in late March, between 104 and 109 cases have been confirmed with either 21 or 22 deaths, depending on the source of info. Regardless of the actual number, there have been about as many human cases of H7N9 in the last 24 days as there have been human cases of H5N1 in the last 3 years, although there have been only a third the number of deaths attributed to the current outbreak.

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